BJC-3000 :
Here is the reset process. You need to carefully follow the steps for it to work. Not to defend Canon but without the waste ink counter you will at some point end up with ink leaking from the printer.
Waste Error Reset :
Step 1:
Start with POWER OFF. Hold down the RESUME button. Press and hold the POWER button. The indicator should light GREEN unblinking.
Step 2: Without releasing the POWER button, release RESUME, then double-click (press and release twice) RESUME. Finally release POWER. Each click of RESUME should cause the indicator to change (first to
ORANGE, then back to GREEN). If the reset is going to work, upon release of the POWER button, the GREEN will blink while the printer goes through its irritating noisy start-up routine of making all the moving parts whirr and grumble (though not, I insist, beep!) and then settle down to unblinking green (I have never achieved this happy status).
Step 3: Press the resume button either three times (according to Wes) or six times (according to Mark's Pidgin it would take 3 double-clicks to get 3 orange lights - hey, I'm just a mathematician trying to make sense of it all!)
Step 4: Press POWER OFF to set data. Apparently this both stores the reset and powers off the printer. When you power on again all should be well!
there were no beeps and 3 resumes worked in step3

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Goodson Family said...

Wonderful instructions. I did achieve the happy green unblinking light, but when I powered off to save the reset, and powered back on, the 6 blinking orange lights resumed. Sad day. :(

Sweet Fairy said...

Great post. Which kind of printer can print Metal business cards?