The waste ink tank error message is indicated by 6 ALTERNATE flashes of Green/Orange. ie green, orange, green, orange, green, orange, green, orange, green, orange, green, orange.
The error message described in the original post is a printhead problem. It was described as flashing 6 orange and one green. ie green, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange, orange The BC-33e printheads are consumables and need to be replaced after a few years.
The waste ink amount is based on dot counting. It will indicate that it is full after a certain amount of printing has been done. This is generally after 10's of thousands of pages have been through the printer and as such is only rarely triggered by your average user. I would say that most people that supposedly have this "waste ink tank full" error, just need to replace the printhead, and have been resetting the eeprom needlessly. This would explain why a lot of people still have no joy even after reseting the eeprom.
It is shame that one persons inaccurate and inflammatory post has steered so many people in the wrong direction. And you wonder why the engineers don't want that info in the public domain.
BJC-3000 error codes are as follows:
[User Recoverable]
The indicator blinks in orange the number of times for that type of error, then it blinks in green. This pattern is repeated.
Error Indicator Blinks :
- 2 Paper feed error
- 3 Paper jam error
- 4 Ink out error
- 5 Mis-installed cartridge
- 6 No cartridge
- 7 Cartridge error
- 8 Waste ink warning
The indicator blinks alterately in orange and in green the the number of times for that error (orange and green blinking alternately), then it blinks long in green. This pattern is repeated.
[Unrecoverable by Users]
Error Condition Indicator Blinks :
- ROM error 1 time in orange/green RAM error 2 times in orange/green
- EEPROM error 3 times in orange/green Home position error 4 times in orange/green
- Temperature sensor error 5 times in orange/green
- Waste ink full error 6 times in orange/green
- Temperature error 7 times in orange/green
- Head temp sensor error 8 times in orange/green
- Cartridge displaced error 9 times in orange/green
- ASF sensor error 10 times in orange/green
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